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World class port agency services

The company's first port agency was established in Nigeria in 1998. The operation was launched to support our shipping services in Africa with our own people on the ground 24 hours a day. Over the past 21 years, our agency network has expanded to five countries in West Africa.

Our agency network has proven time and again, its ability to efficiently handle any issue during a vessel's stay in port. Our core values are servicing our principals with dedication, and a commitment to caring for vessel and crew's safety and welfare.

The Group is proud to be the agent in West Africa of Cosco and provide them with general cargo service. 

The Group's agency network handled about 170 vessels last year. We believe the numbers will increase annually, thanks to referrals from satisfied customers.

Services provided by our local agents include:

  • General vessels' attendances
  • General husbandry, including customs clearance
  • Board and shore stevedoring
  • Cargo deliveries
  • Protective agency services

For any port related enquiries, please contact our relevant office.