Steered by ethical principles

GMT Shipping & Logistics Group is committed to corporate social responsibility. We pledge to conduct our business ethically and with respect for the greater good of all stakeholders and the wider community.

Responsible, balanced growth

As we grow, we will listen carefully to customers, stakeholders and employees, and balance their interests and needs as we move the business forward for mutual benefit.

Concern for the environment

Across our operations we encourage initiatives that reduce our impact on the environment. Such initiatives span energy management, waste reduction and responsible procurement. We also support shipping and logistics industry green initiatives.

Corporate governance

The Group’s executive team constantly stays on the forefront of global best practices in corporate governance. We nurture a working environment in which an ethical corporate culture will flourish globally and embrace best practices. In the often-challenging jurisdictions where we operate, we aim to set an example for ethical conduct as we balance the needs of our customers and other parties whilst respecting the local business culture.

Employee welfare

We strive to be a great organisation. As we grow, we will recruit, train and develop our team members, and give everyone the opportunity to flourish. The dedication of our people is crucial to our success, and we encourage each individual to be proud of their contribution. We are a family business and recognise the importance of a family unit. We care about our employees and their families. Together, we build a productive and engaging workforce that creates value through passion and devotion.

Commitment to improvement

We aim to continually improve, and will regularly assess and enhance our CSR policies, practices and initiatives. We encourage employees to speak out, allowing us to improve practices and the way we do business. Employees will not be criticised for recommending new initiatives to management that may question current processes.